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Se7en. Guh.

Se7en Things :

1.Se7en things that (will) scare me:
a) The future.
b) Big black men.
c) Not changing as I get older.
d) Mexicans.
e) Dying alone.
f) Losing Kevin.
g) Life after death.

2.Se7en things I like the most:
a) Talking
b) Kevin
c) Computer
d) Friends
e) Family
f) Chica
g) Music

3:Se7en most important things in my room :
a) Bed
b) Mirror
c) Clothes
d) Pictures
e) Computer
f) Jewelry
g) T.v.

4.Se7en random facts about me:
a) I have a birthmark below my right knee.
b) I'm naturally blonde.
c) I used to think Barbie Girl was the best song ever.
d) I don't get easilly influenced off of my friends.
e) I love and mean it.
f) I prefer doing guy things over girly stuff.
g) I think I'm fat.

5.Se7en things I plan to do before I die
a) Get married.
b) Suceed.
c) Have a family.
d) See more in this world.
e) Take care of my mom.
f) Fulfill my dreams.
g) Love life.

6.Se7en things I can do:
a) Talk
b) Kick my leg up really high.
c) Listen
d) Pretend to be happy and "ok".
e) Love.
f) Drive better than "some people".
g) Make friends easilly.

7.Se7en things I can't do:
a) Learn my lesson the first time.
b) Lower myself.
c) Talk to people who constantly have a pity-party for themselves.
d) Sit still.
e) Not get aggrivated with aggrivating people.
f) Look in the mirror and think I'm beautiful.
g) Lie without feeling guilty.

8.Se7en words I say the most:
a) Hello.
b) Haha!
c) Mmk.
d) Whatever.
e) Der.
f) No.
g) Yep.

9.Se7en celeb crushes
I do not have crushes on celebrities. They're not real people.

10.Se7en people I'll love to see doing this
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